Apple is asking a Chinese leaker to reveal his sources in legal notice

Recently, it was reported that Apple had activated several in-house and external strategies to curtail the embarrassing leaks of its unreleased products.

While the Cupertino-based company has secured convictions for some of its employees who accessed and divulged unauthorized information, it has also put several security protocols to cut to zero the leak of its trade secrets.

However, it seems Apple is getting more assertive in its efforts, gong by the recent legal cease and desist notice sent to yet another leaker in China. A Weibo user posted a letter from Apple China’s legal representative, Fangda Partners warning the tipster to desist from publishing and disseminating information about Apple iPhone prototypes.

What makes this interesting is that Apple gave the alleged leaker 14 days to respond to the allegation of unauthorized release of Apple’s trade secrets. More surprising is that the US firm wants the leaker to disclose the sources of the leaked prototypes.

It is unclear what would be the next step for Apple whether the issue may escalate to a court case. However, the impact of the seemingly effective Apple strategy is being noticed, as some known tipsters are gradually cleaning their stables and going incommunicado on Twitter.

This action could also lead to actions on Weibo. Apple, therefore, seems to be progressively winning the battle, as fewer tipsters have taken the risk to mention a product leak that will bring Apple’s legal representative to such a person.


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