Troubleshooting ESXi host in a “not responding” state issues in VMware

VMware ESXI host

When an ESXi host is in a “Not Responding” state in the VMware vSphere environment, it means that the vCenter Server or the management system has lost communication with the host. This can happen due to various reasons, and the host becomes unmanageable from the vCenter Server. To resolve the “Not Responding” state, follow these …

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Troubleshooting VM slow performance issues in VMware

vmware vsphere

If the virtual machine (VM) is facing slow performance, here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue: Identify the performance bottleneck: Determine which system resource is causing the slowdown. It could be CPU, memory, disk, or network. Monitoring tools will help you identify the resource utilization.Monitor resource utilization: Use performance monitoring tools …

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