16 Best Torrent Sites For 2022 | Safe and Working

What is the best torrent site at this moment?

The amount of monthly traffic can be used to determine site popularity.

It can imply the size of the library or its community of seeders and leechers. Although those types of metrics are important, there are many others that we considered.

Finding a torrent site on Google is more dangerous than you might think. A Google search will usually hide torrent websites and display fake ones that contain dodgy links and irritating ads.

Kickass torrents got taken down a few years ago. And with different governments cracking down on torrenting across the world, it’s getting harder and harder to find good torrenting websites.

The Pirate Bay itself keeps getting moved to mirrors, so you’d be forgiven to believe that torrents are impossible to find.

There are still a few good sites out there, but finding them will take you ages.

To make your life easier, I tested over 50 torrent sites and shortlisted the top 12. These sites have good reputations, have been online for a long time, and verify most of their torrents for safety.

However, even using these sites can put your online safety at risk. That’s why I strongly recommend using a powerful VPN with them to protect yourself.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has been a crowd favorite for many years. It managed to deflect attempts at blocking it or shutting it down, and it’s going really strong with over 6.3 million monthly users on the main site.

However, considering the number of mirrors and blocking attempts, that number may be skewed, and 20-60 million visits a month is perhaps a bit more accurate.

We couldn’t get an exact number on its library size, but it’s in the millions of files, and you can expect a download speed of 5-6 MB/s, all other things being equal.

The Pirate Bay is popular for its large community, which ensures at least one seeder on almost any torrent on the site, no matter the age. We tried downloading obscure titles from even over a decade ago, and we found that there were still happy seeders to help out.

On top, it’s got a clean interface and helpful tags that let you know which torrent comes from a trusted source, and which torrent could pose a security risk to your PC.

Without a doubt, Pirate Bay is the king of all torrent sites, and with almost no ad intrusion and an active community, it’s basically got no downsides.

Mirrors: thepiratebay.vip, thepirate-bay.org, thepiratebay.rocks, thepiratebay.org

PS: If those mirrors don’t work, do a Google search for “the pirate bay mirrors” and you may find other options, especially on the 2nd page of results.

  • Popular among the following country: United States
  • Banned in the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Iran, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UAE, United Kingdom.
  • Mirror torrent sites: thepiratebay.vip, thepirate-bay.org, thepiratebay.rocks.
  • Community forum: pirates-forum.org (30,722 members)
  • Library size: 3,200,000+
  • Intrusive ads: NO

2. 1337X.to


1337x is a torrent site that’s conscious of its visual appearance. Everything from the home page to the index page is designed with the content placed neatly and aligned correctly.

The well-known torrent site hosts torrents in different categories.

It also provides a Trending section that lists popular torrents for a day and week. Top 100 torrents lists for different categories can also help the users finding good torrents to download.

Why use 1337x?

  • Clean look and feel for listing page
  • Also useful for searching older torrents

More Important Information’s:

  • Popular among the following country: Sri Lanka
  • Banned in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Ireland, United Kingdom
  • Mirror torrent sites: 1337x.st, x1337x.ws, x1337x.eu, 1337x.is, 1337x.gd, l33tx, l337 torrent, l33t torrent
  • Library size: 2,300,000+
  • Intrusive ads: NO

3. LimeTorrents

Lime torrents was established in 2009 and hosts different categories such as movies, TV shows, music, applications, games, and anime.

It is regularly updated and a very good option for new releases. It has a smooth, easy to use interface and relatively popular attracting about 20 million users across the main and mirror sites.

The seeder/leecher ration especially on new content is quite good. Yet this is not the same case for older torrents. There’s not as much ad intrusion as Zooqle but still can get pretty distracting.

  • Popular among the following country: Sri Lanka
  • Banned in the following countries: Australia, France, UK
  • Mirror torrent sites: limetorrents.asia, limetor.com, limetorrents.co, limetorrents.zone, limetor.pro.
  • Library size: 14,405,413+
  • Community forum: None
  • Intrusive ads: YES


  • Has a very neat, user-friendly interface
  • Most torrents hosted on the site come from bigger, better trackers increasing availability
  • Contains a large library of over 14 million torrents.

4. YTS

YTS (sometimes known as YIFY) is arguably the best torrent website for high-quality movies, with over 75 million users worldwide.

The site contains almost 30,000 titles, many of which come with subtitles and are available in 1080p. Its files are small and don’t compromise quality, so it’s excellent for all bandwidth levels.

It also has a clear and simple interface that reminds me of Netflix. When I searched for the film Carnival of Souls, it provided the tech specs, synopsis, and IMBD ratings of the film, along with a list of similar films and film pictures.

But the site has been the target of several copyright infringement lawsuits recently, which raises concerns.

Since YTS specializes in movies, it lacks other types of content, so you’ll need to go elsewhere for music, games, or software. Also, it has annoying pop-up ads, which can jeopardize your privacy. However, the amount of ads has reduced over the years.

If you would like to avoid ads altogether, I suggest using a reliable ad blocker. I use a VPN that comes with a built-in ad and malware blocker (CyberGhost).

That way I don’t have to endure the ads and I’m anonymous while downloading torrents at the same time.

  • Year founded: 2011
  • Mirror sites/alternate URLs: yts.am, yts.gd, yts.pm, yts.gm, yts.unblocked.mx, yts.unblockit.app, ww.yts.vc, yts.lt
  • Banned locations: Ireland
  • Instant download support: Yes

5. TorrentDownloads

Attention: This website attempts to open an additional browser tab with advertisements. Not harmful, but annoying.

TorrentDownloads is one of the classics in the scene, but their traffic has slowly decreased over time (now it’s around 5 million users a month), due to Pirate Bay’s and RARBG’s considerably larger libraries.

Moreover, since it’s been targeted by government investigations, it’s not available in a lot of regions, it only features an average download speed of 2-3 MB/s and the ad intrusion can get bothersome at times.

However, it is a good option for more obscure titles in all categories, so if you’ve been looking for an old video game or rare book, you can try a quick search on TorrentDownloads. Asian titles specifically seem to take a big part of their servers.

  • Popular among the following country: Thailand
  • Banned in the following country: United Kingdom
  • Mirror torrent sites: torrentdownloads.mrunblock.cyou, torrentdownloads.123unblock.cyou, torrentdownloads.nocensor.club, torrentdownloads.unblockproject.uno
  • Library size: 16,102,000+
  • Intrusive ads: NO


While its not-so-modern look might not please some users, the website effectively does what it’s meant for, i.e., providing healthy torrent files to the leeches. But users should prepare themselves to see many advertisement tabs when clicking links on the website.

Even with a slight drop in the Alexa rank, Rarbg is still one of the top torrent sites available on the internet.

Other than the regular torrent download categories, including Movies, Music, Software, Games, etc. Rarbg also hosts a separate web page to feature trailers of different movies and shows. People might not visit a torrent site for watching trailers. Still, it could be helpful to some.

A user can also go through Rarbg’s Top 10 torrents lists for various categories to get an idea of what other people are downloading from the torrent site.

Why use Rarbg?

  • Focus on quality torrents
  • Blog section for news from the entertainment industry

More Important Information’s:

  • Popular among the following country: United States
  • Banned in the following countries: Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Denmark, Turkey, Portugal, Italy, Australia, Indonesia, Finland, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Belgium, India, Greece.
  • Mirror torrent sites: rarbg.is, rarbgunlock.com, rarbgmirror.com.
  • Library size: 800,000+
  • Intrusive ads: NO (Yet some annoying redirects)

7. Zooqle

Zooqle is a new torrent website that’s becoming popular. It has an extensive library that’s particularly good for games, as well as movies, software, TV shows, and eBooks.

To diversify its torrent library, it uses links from other torrent sites like Torrenthound and Katcr.

Keep in mind that because games are a relatively new media, most of them are under copyright protection and therefore are illegal to download. My team and I don’t condone illegal torrenting, so be sure to check the rules and regulations in your country.

I found its interface simple and visually pleasing, and its search bar pretty useful. Simply search for any torrent you’re after, and you’ll be given a comprehensive list of related torrents.

You can also filter by seeder to leecher ratio and by the quality of each torrent. All torrents contain file specifications as well as comments and reviews from other users.

This made it easier to select a good quality version of Kansas City Confidential when I searched for it.

  • Popular among the following country: Sri Lanka
  • Banned in the following countries: None
  • Mirror torrent sites: zooqle.nocensor.club, zooqle.u4m.pw, zooqle.g2g.casa
  • Library size: 4,931,149+
  • Intrusive ads: NO
  • Instant download support: Yes

8. Torrentz2

The original Torrentz was created in 2003 by an individual called Flippy.

In 2012 it was considered as the 2nd most popular torrent site for downloading movies, TV shows, music, applications, and games. While due to numerous shutdowns it’s no longer that large, it still gets around 10-20 million users monthly.

It is one of the best torrenting websites for music since it has the largest music library compared to other popular torrent sites.

However, it has huge two huge downsides. The download speeds are low ranging between 1 and 3 MB/s, and the ad intrusion can be very irritating.

  • Popular among the following country: India
  • Banned in the following countries: None
  • Mirror torrent sites: torrentz2eu.org, torrentz.eu, torrentz.io
  • Library size: 61,109,283+
  • Intrusive ads: NO

9. Bibliotik (For Book Lovers)

Bibliotik is the largest private torrenting site for downloading ebooks. Whether you’re an undergraduate, or just looking for an obscure franchise like the Nick Stone series, Bibliotik is bound to have what you need.

With a library size and traffic count clocking in the hundreds of thousands, it’s a decent choice.

The site has not been taking in new members for a while now.

  • Popular among the following country: United States
  • Banned in the following countries: None
  • Mirror torrent sites: None
  • Intrusive ads: NO

10. EZTV (Torrent Site for TV Shows)

EZTV is known for its selection of TV shows, which are in HD or 1080p. It may not have an extensive library like The Pirate Bay or 1337x, but that’s what happens when you specialize in a particular type of content.

It has a convenient “live countdown” list for new releases and a large collection of TV shows, with more old shows than new ones.

Just be aware that new releases tend to be under copyright, so downloading them is illegal and can land you in serious trouble. I strongly advise against it. EZTV also copies content from other torrent sites, which could get you in trouble unknowingly.

That being said, EZTV has a handy drop-down search box — no matter what I searched, I always got results. However, its interface is pretty old and unappealing, and the large number of ads were intrusive.

Also, I found it pretty annoying that you can’t download full seasons in one go — you need to download each episode separately, which is pretty time-consuming.

  • Year founded: 2015
  • Mirror sites/Alternate URLs: eztv.unblocked.krd, eztv.tf, eztv.unblockall.org, eztv.yt, eztv.ag, eztv.red, eztv.unblocked.mx, eztv.unblocked.bet, eztv.unblocked.llc, eztv1.unblocked.is, eztv1.unblocked.si
  • Banned locations: The UK, Ireland, and Australia
  • Instant download support: Yes

11. Demonoid

This is one of the most resilient torrent sites that has been active since it was launched in 2003, the same as The Pirate Bay.

Although its library is not very large, it still gets around 10 million visits monthly. It contains numerous files for movies, TV series, music, eBooks, applications, and games. However, it has more TV series and movies more than any other file.

  • Popular among the following country: Australia
  • Banned in the following countries: the United Kingdom and Ukraine
  • Mirror torrent sites: dnoid.me, demonoid.unblocked.bet, demonoid.unblockit.top
  • Community forum: https://www.demonoid.is/forums_c.php (Invitation code required)
  • Library size: 195,549+
  • Intrusive ads: YES

12. Torrends.to

Recently, this website seems to be down quite often.

Not a torrent site per se, Torrends.to just tracks all torrents from popular sites like The Pirate Bay and RARBG.

However, considering the amount of data crunching this entails, you’re bound to find a much larger library of what you’re looking for, all in one place.

The download speed and all other relevant metrics are the same as you’d find on the specific site Torrends.to pulls data from, but we do want to praise its seamless design and minimal ad intrusion.

With a bit under 5 million hits a month and quirky data sets to show what’s trending, using Torrends.to could be a good choice if you’re looking for obscure titles and want all of your results in one place.

Mirrors: None.

Note: This website used to be called torrents.io but the domain changed.

13. Torlock

If you’re concerned about downloading unsafe torrents, then consider using Torlock. The site pays its users $1 for every fake torrent reported, which shows its commitment to your safety.

It’s also one of the few torrent sites that still uses its.com domain name, which means it’s well established. In particular, it has a lot of music, eBooks, and anime series in its library.

Its homepage displays the most recent and popular torrents for each category. However, new releases are usually under copyright, which means downloading them is illegal — so beware.

I liked that the site also displays all the file specifications for each torrent, including the file size, upload date, seeders, and health. When you search for a torrent, the site will also display torrents containing all of your search terms.

  • Year founded: 2010
  • Mirror sites/alternate URLs: torlock.unblocked.krd, torlock.unblocked.mx
  • Banned locations: The UK, India, and Australia
  • Instant download support: Yes

14. IPTorrents

Now for the private sites: IPTorrents is one of the biggest private torrenting sites (meaning that you’ll need an invitation to get in) boasting a big library, an active community, and virtually no ad intrusion.

Also, private torrenting sites are generally safer because it’s more difficult for users with bad intentions, such as spreading malware, to get in. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly for many, private torrenting sites generally have significantly higher streaming speeds than public ones, because members have seeding quotas they need to comply with.

Currently, IPTorrents is accepting new members based on a donation (of $20), which is way more than can be said about regular private torrenting sites. Sitting at around 5 million hits a month, it’s a good alternative if you can afford to get in.

  • Year founded: Unknown
  • Mirror sites/alternate URLs: iptorrents.eu, iptorrents.me, iptorrents.ru, iptorrents.us
  • Banned locations: Not available
  • Instant download support: Yes

15. NYAA.si

NYAA.si is a specialist site for Asian content, particularly from Japan, China, and South Korea.

Its main focus is on anime series, but I also found music and software. The site is a resurrection of the anime torrent site NYAA.

What I liked about NYAA.si is its simplistic interface, which makes it easy to access the files you’re after. Just keep in mind that it’s quite intrusive with its pop-up ads, so you might want to use an ad blocker, or a VPN that comes with an ad blocker built-in.

  • Year founded: 2005
  • Mirror sites/alternate URLs: nyaa.net, nyaatorrent.com
  • Banned locations: The UK, US, Japan, South Korea, and Australia
  • Instant download support: Yes

16. KickAssTorrents

What can be considered as a replacement for the defunct KAT is also on the way of becoming one among the best torrent sites of 2022 with its rising popularity.

The mirror domain carries basically the same user interface and layout of options. You can find the torrent catalog, most popular torrents, and Top torrents section at the top. These are complemented by a tag cloud that tells you about the common searches on the website.

In terms of performance, KickAsstorrents has a decent number of seeds and leeches that will enable you to download torrents faster without any issues. The site provides torrent files as well as magnet links.

Why use KickAssTorrents?

  • Has a familiar UI
  • No intrusive ads that annoy users


That’s pretty much it! So, there are Free Sites To Download Torrrents.

With a ton of interesting Movies and TV series to explore and choose from.

If you have any other favorite sites for Torrent downloading then don’t forget to share them with us in the comment below. Also, if you liked this article, Share on your favorite Social media platform.


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