The 23 Best UC Browser Alternatives for Android

UC Browser, owned by Alibaba Group, is one of the most popular web browser and there are many reasons UC Browser has been well liked with mobile users worldwide that is: fast page-loading speeds, lightweight applications, and a unique customized experience.

The app had a vast user interface as it is amongst the oldest apps in the country However, not many users know that the web browser has been found with many security gaps in the past and follows questionable privacy practices.

On 26th June 2020, The Government of India banned UC Browser, along with 58 other Chinese apps such as TikTok and WeChat, citing data and privacy issues.

Now that the ban is in place people using the UC Browser should be looking for alternatives to the mobile web browser. Here are the 23 Best UC Browser Alternatives for Android.

1. Maxthon Browser

Maxthon browser is not just a browser that loads web pages faster – it has several other useful tools built into it.

Some of those useful tools or features include a password manager, note-taking tool, email manager, web clipper, and night mode. While Maxthon compresses the web pages to save data consumption, you can save more data by enabling the Smart Image Display feature.

When enabled, Maxthon loads images in low quality or only when needed. A customizable speed dial adds your favorite websites to be accessed at anytime.

With a smart image display, you can control your mobile data consumption and save money. For most regular users, Maxthon’s user interface is clean and customizable. If you are a heavy mobile web browser user, then Maxthon is a pretty good choice.

2. JioBrowser

Reliance Jio’s JioBrowser comes in support for 8 Indian languages.

These include Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Gujarati, and Marathi.

Being an Indian brand, the app offers several other features such as custom Private Browsing, organizational customization of news feeds, easy integration to frequently visited sites, and content sharing.

3. Vivaldi

Vivaldi is another promising web browser from the house of Opera Software, but it’s much more privacy-focused, hence a suitable alternative to UC Browser.

It comes with an integrated ad-blocker that blocks video ads, pop-ups, intrusive banner ads, etc. And just like other browsers in this list, Vivaldi strips off websites from trackers and analytics tools.

The notable feature of Vivaldi is its user interface. You can customize it whichever way you want: you can get a desktop-style tabbed layout or use the traditional mobile interface.

The tabbed layout surely makes it easy to navigate and manage the open tabs. Apart from that, Vivaldi features a built-in Notes tool that you can use to quickly jot down new ideas and thoughts while browsing the web.

Furthermore, you can take a full-length screenshot of a webpage or snap the visible area, as per your requirement.

All in all, Vivaldi brings something fresh to the table and you can give it a shot in place of UC Browser.

4. Via Browser

Via Browser is another best UC Browser alternative that you can use on your Android.

The great thing about Via Browser is that it brings news and trending topics right on the homepage.

Via Browser is also one of the best lightweight browsers you can use, and the browser works on a 2G mobile connection.

It offers many useful features like Data Saver, AdBlocker, Privacy Protect, etc.

Key Features:

  • Ad block
  • Search engine switch
  • Customize
  • Bookmarks and Adds-on
  • Translate
  • Free to design you homepage
  • Find in page
  • Many more…

5. Bharat Browser

All of the web browsers listed above are made by large corporations like Google and Microsoft, and are used by millions of people.

However, all of these browsers have been developed by non-Indian companies. If you want to use an Indian web browser to replace UC browser on your phone, you can opt for the Bharat Browser, developed by a Bengaluru-based startup BlueSky Inventions.

The browser comes with features like real-time news updates in nine Indian languages, dedicated sections for videos and games, and more.

Key Features:

  • Ad Blocker
  • Incognito Mode
  • WhatsApp Status Saver
  • Facebook Downloader
  • Bookmarks
  • Private Browser
  • Popular default search engines
  • History

6. Ecosia Browser

Ecosia is a mobile web browser and features specifications like multiple tabs, downloads, a private browsing mode and bookmarks.

It looks like Chrome and the big draw is the cause that the browser donates 80% of its profit in planting trees.

This browser works well for those who don’t browse the web often, but still wish for something working well. Apart from the tree thing, this browser is free.

Key Features:

  • Private mode
  • Bookmarks
  • Tabs

7. Go Browser

Are you an Indian user looking for a “Made in India” mobile browser which delivers on privacy? You should try out Go Browser, which is small, bite-sized and works on all kinds of networks including slower 3G networks.

The search and download speed is fast, and there are easy ways to erase browsing history without any hassles.

The browser works across multiple tabs and allows you to change your search engines according to your daily needs.

8. Epic Browser

Reliance Jio’s JioBrowser comes in support for 8 Indian languages.

These include Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Gujarati, and Marathi.

Being an Indian brand, the app offers several other features such as custom Private Browsing, organizational customization of news feeds, easy integration to frequently visited sites, and content sharing.

9. Safari

Comes pre-installed on iPhone

If you are an iPhone user then Safari is an obvious alternative to UC Browser.

Safari comes with Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) and unlike Chrome, it blocks all third-party cookies by default.

It means that no tracker can follow you on the web and learn about your preferences, except for the website you are visiting. ITP on Safari was released three years ago, but earlier, it used to block only some of the invasive cookies.

However, after the March update this year, Safari has enabled the feature by default for all third-party cookies. Basically, there is not even a scope of “a little bit of cross-site tracking”, as put by Apple’s WebKit Engineer, John Wilander.

Other than that, Safari now comes with dark mode, download manager, has an excellent reader mode, and more. So, just ditch UC Browser and move straight to Safari on your iPhone.

We have published a good article on best Safari tips. You can read it to learn some of its hidden features. Basically, on the iPhone, you don’t have to look any further to make your web experience safer and more private.

10. Dolphin Browser

If you are looking for a lightweight feature that offers decent features, then the Dolphin Browser might be the best pick.

The great thing about Dolphin Browser is that it includes many features like theming, ad-block, incognito mode, tracker blocker, etc. It also has a video grabber that grabs the download link of any playing video. Other features include gesture support, multiple themes, Quick share options, etc.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Tabs bar
  • Incognito/private Browsing
  • Bookmarks & Add-ons sidebar
  • Fast Download
  • Easily switch search engine with Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, Duckduckgo, etc.
  • AdBlock

11. Firefox Focus

USP of Firefox on desktop is the ability for users to download and install multiple add-ons like ad blockers, cookies remover and more.

The company has a huge library of plugins that make using the browser much more friendly for people. The company has brought all of these features like plugins, multi-device sync, and the ability to send tabs between mobile and desktop, to the mobile version of the browser.

The app interface is also quite clean and does not get in the way of your browsing experience.

12. Puffin Web Browser

For super-fast web browsing, Puffin with its in-house compression algorithm loads the web pages quickly and supports Adobe Flash using its cloud server, enabling access to the Flash-only content in your mobile device.

With other features like a customizable UI, built-in video player, a game mode for Flash games and private browsing, Puffin is a perfect super-fast web browser.

But it consumes more memory when there are multiple tabs open.

13. Samsung Internet Browser

Probably the closest thing to UC Browser when it comes to interface and features, Samsung Internet Browser is user-friendly, reliable, and provides an uncluttered browsing experience.

You can easily change search engines (Bing, DuckDuckGo, Google), sync bookmarks between devices, and access Samsung Cloud. There are many privacy and security features, such as protected browsing, which warns you about malicious sites stealing data and blocking unwanted webpages which take you to other sites, as well as content blockers and anti-tracking.

Samsung Internet Browser offers standard features such as functional battery and data-saving functions, the ability to download and read pages offline, and the all-popular dark theme.

14. Aloha Browser Turbo

An Indian application, it allows users to use unlimited VPN for free.

It also helps in blocking ads and boosting surfing speed.

Aloha Browser Turbo is considered to be amongst the first browsers to provide free vault to hide files and more.

Key Features:

  • Lock private tabs with fingerprint or passcode and keep it private.
  • Save & watch videos, music and other files.
  • Free unlimited VPN.
  • Enjoy VR videos directly from the browser.
  • Ad free environment with the help of In-Build Ad Blocker.
  • Transfer files between your devices and computer easily over WiFi.

15. Kiwi

Kiwi is a relatively new web browser, but a far better alternative than UC Browser. It’s built on the same premise as Brave and Firefox Focus.

And it brings some unique features that you are absolutely going to love. The browser looks and feels very similar to Chrome (thanks to the Chromium base), but has all the extra features that you want on Chrome.

To start with, Kiwi can block third-party cookies and invasive trackers. It has Cryptojacking protection which blocks scripts from using your device to mine crypto-currency.

Further, Kiwi has a powerful popup blocker and comes with many adblocking services. But that is not all. Kiwi is hugely popular for Chrome extension support. You can basically install Chrome extensions on your smartphone.

How awesome is that? What’s more, you can disable AMP pages by Google (I hate it!), block annoying notifications on the website, get pure AMOLED dark mode, and much more.

Simply put, Kiwi is one of the best web browsers that has made a mark with its extension support and stands as a capable alternative to UC Browser.

16. Yo Browser

You won’t believe it, but the app needs less than 10MB of storage space to install on your smartphone.

With Yo Browser, you can easily download videos, songs, etc. Not only that, but Yo Browser also has a night mode and a private mode.

Key Features:

  • Fast Browsing
  • Night Mode
  • You can always chose to play video or music files before you download them.
  • Fully Secure
  • Daily News
  • Yo Browser is small in size so it won’t take all of your precious storage space.
  • Regular Updates

17. Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge comes pre-installed with all Windows PC and is now available on the Google Play Store for everyone to download.

With its latest update, Microsoft has now replaced its own browser engine in favour of the Chromium engine for its mobile version, just like the Edge desktop browser. The use of Chromium engine makes Edge as powerful and fast as Google Chrome.

It also comes with features like the ability to block all third-party trackers, multi-device sync and more.

18. Brave Browser

Brave Browser is a privacy focussed browser and offers unmatched speed, security, and privacy by blocking unwanted trackers.

Alternatively, you can choose to see their privacy-respecting ads and earn rewards, this helps publishers get their fair share of ad revenue and you can also earn ads at the same time.

Brave works by blocking data grabbing ads and trackers that are present on a vast share of websites, Brave also loads major websites up to six times faster than Chrome, Firefox, and most other modern browsers.

Brave also comes with an enhanced privacy mode, the browser allows you to use the Tor network in a tab and it not only hides your history but also masks your location from the other sides by routing you through several servers before you reach the destination website.

These connections are all encrypted for your privacy and security.

19. Firefox Lite

If you want slightly more features than Firefox Focus, give Firefox Lite (no longer available) a spin.

In terms of privacy, you can’t go wrong with traceless browsing and no passwords being recorded. Using a “turbo mode,” you can browse at lightning speed similar to Puffin browser.

The browser is extremely lightweight compared to the regular Firefox browser (only 7 MB), yet it does the heavy-lifting work such as syncing Firefox bookmarks. There is an image-blocking feature to save mobile data costs.

The night mode helps conserve battery, and a screenshots feature helps take useful screenshots.

20. Indi Browser

Created by an Indian app developer, Gurvinder Singh Sandhu, the application is an initiative to support the Make in India movement.

The app was recently launched and it provides fast browsing and the ability to download Instagram images and videos.

One can also download WhatsApp status of their friends using this app.

Key Features:

  • Check the metro train and booking to railway ticket
  • Online Shopping
  • Download the Instagram Images.
  • Actual GPS location and current whether
  • Transfer money by E-Wallet.
  • Listening online radio
  • Read the latest news.

21. Opera

If you were using UC Browser for its innumerable features then you will find yourself at home on Opera. Similar to UC Browser, it offers a ton of features but also respects your privacy.

Opera blocks all third-party trackers and intrusive ads that may hamper your browsing experience. Now, it has also added an option to block annoying cookie and privacy dialogs that you get every time you visit a webpage.

And if you liked reading personalized news on UC Browser then Opera also offers AI-curated news just for you. Further, there is customizable night mode, password management, private browsing, text wrap feature for a great reading experience, and more.

Not to mention, Opera also brings a dedicated download manager with faster speed and file management features. Finally, it offers a built-in VPN to anonymously browse the web and it does not cost a dime.

So to sum up, Opera is a perfect UC Browser alternative and I am sure, you won’t be disappointed.

22. DuckDuckGo Browser

The famous anonymous search engine also has a web browser app for Android.

With DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser, you would get the privacy you deserve online. The great thing about DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser is that it blocks all advertisements, web trackers, etc.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser doesn’t track your browsing activity.

23. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most widely used mobile web browsers on the Android operating system.

The level of integration with the Android operating system is also very high considering both the browser and the operating system are made by Google. If you use Google Chrome as your default browser on your desktop, you will also be able to sync all your settings, bookmarks, passwords and other information, with the help of your Gmail account.

Key Features:

  • Use Incognito mode to browse the internet without saving your history.
  • Sync Chrome Across Devices.
  • Browse fast and type less.
  • Fast downloads and view web pages and videos offline
  • Protect your phone with Google Safe Browsing.
  • Use less mobile data and speed up the web.
  • Google Voice Search.
  • Quickly translate entire web pages.


That’s pretty much it! So, there are Best UC Browser Alternatives for Android.

If you have any other favorite Best UC Browser Alternatives for Android then don’t forget to share them with us in the comment below. Also, if you liked this article, Share on your favorite Social media platform.

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