The 15 Best Linux Distros for Privacy-Focused Users in 2022

Best Linux Distros for Privacy-Focused Users

The Spread of cyberattacks and increasing security breaches is a matter of great concern in the open-source community. Linux distros are usually more secure than any other operating system. Linux Operating Systems being open-source leaves very less scope of unauthorized access to its core. However, with the advancement of technologies, incidents of attacks are not …

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How to Install Git on Ubuntu 20.04

Install Git on Ubuntu 20.04

GitHub is a provider of Internet hosting and cloud-based service for software development, source code management (SCM) and distributed version control using Git. It helps developers store and manage their code, as well as track and control changes to their code. GitHub commonly used to host open-source projects. Additionally, anyone can sign up and host …

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The 17 Best Linux Distros for Laptops

Best Linux Distros for Laptops

Linux is gaining acceptance among laptop users in the past few years, with some manufacturers even shipping laptops with Linux pre-installed. When it comes to a Home pc or laptop that is accessible by numerous people then you must want an operating system that is not only secure but also enough simple and easy to …

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The 12 Best Linux Distributions for KDE Plasma

Best Linux Distributions for KDE Plasma

Apart from GNOME(GNU Network Object Model Environment), KDE(K Desktop Environment) is one of the most customizable and fastest desktop environments out there that boasts a stunning appearance with polished icons and an amazing look-and-feel. While you can always install KDE if you know-how, it is best to choose a Linux distribution that comes with KDE …

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The 8 Best Linux Distros for Power Users in 2022

Best Linux Distros for Power Users

There are hundreds of Linux distributions and more come out every year. Some are for general purpose usage, while some are specifically personalized for education, hacking, robotics, gaming etc.. While most Linux distributions are similar to each other, a few distributions come with a unique user interface (UI) and distinct functionalities. These distributions provide more …

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The 14 Best Arch-Based Linux Distributions

Best Arch-Based Linux Distributions

Arch Linux’s flexibility and customization options make it a primary choice of an operating system for Linux users. Arch adheres to a rolling release model, which means you can install it once and keep updating it till eternity. The performance-boosting features of Arch make it an absolute delight for the end-users. For all its advantages, …

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