12 Best Linux distros for Education in 2021

Best Linux distros for Education

Linux has been the first choice for software developers and programmers around the globe. Given its level of complexity as an operating system, most professional developers prefer to use it for their daily tasks. Also Linux has a reputation of being a server operating system (OS) that’s mostly used by administrators. The question is Can …

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The Top 19 Ubuntu Alternatives in 2021

Ubuntu Alternatives

There are numerous Linux distributions, and many of them are designed for different purposes. Still, Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distributions because of its reliability, stability and user friendly interface with huge repositories and online tutorials/communities. Ubuntu started a revolution in 2004 to make a Linux-based operating system that was hardware compliant, …

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25 Best Mailchimp Alternatives for 2021 [Free and Paid]

Best Mailchimp Alternatives

Email marketing has the highest ROI of any marketing channel, with an average return of $42.24 for each dollar spent. Marketers all over the world use Mailchimp for their email marketing needs. A long-time player in the email newsletter space, Mailchimp is commonly associated with small business email marketing. However, emerging Mailchimp competitors are changing …

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22 Best Note-Taking Apps for Android In 2021

Best Note-Taking Apps for Android

Digital note-taking is a must-have skill these days. Taking notes is serious business, and having the right note-taking app for your Android device can make a world of difference in your ability to stay organized. That’s because a good note-taking app doesn’t just help you take notes, it also makes it easy to find what …

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