The 11 Best Download Managers for Linux in 2022

Best Download Managers for Linux

No one likes to wait for slow downloads. If you choose not to rely on your web browser’s download manager, a separate download manager app should come in handy. Operating Systems like Microsoft Windows have hundreds of choices while choosing the right download manager for their system. Some apps offer cross-platform support on open-source platforms …

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The 16 Best Grammarly Alternatives in 2022

Best Grammarly Alternatives

Whether you’re sending an email to a customer or posting a blog about your business, writing is an essential skill. Good writing makes you sound more engaging, professional, and convincing. Grammarly is a popular and well-known online service that offers grammar assistance while writing on the Emails, Documents on MS Office application or Web. However, …

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The 15 Best Linux Distros for Privacy-Focused Users in 2022

Best Linux Distros for Privacy-Focused Users

The Spread of cyberattacks and increasing security breaches is a matter of great concern in the open-source community. Linux distros are usually more secure than any other operating system. Linux Operating Systems being open-source leaves very less scope of unauthorized access to its core. However, with the advancement of technologies, incidents of attacks are not …

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