Forza Horizon 5’s Mexico biomes look unbelievably pretty in these new screenshots

Image credit: Xbox

Forza Horizon 5 has revealed a bunch of new screenshots previewing the upcoming racing game’s 11 distinctly beautiful Mexico biomes.

The next entry in the Forza series turned heads at this year’s E3 with its gorgeous reveal trailer, which you might’ve mistaken for a nature documentary before the rudely loud race cars showed up and disrupted the tranquility of the Canyon biome.

Now, Xbox Game Studios is taking the focus off the cars and spotlighting the diverse and postcard-worthy Mexico biomes you’ll zip through when Forza Horizon 5 launches on November 5.

Check out the below gallery of high-quality, expandable pictures of Forza Horizon 5’s 11 biomes: Living Desert, Sand Desert, Volcano, Jungle, Swamp, Urban, Tropical Coast, Rocky Coast, Farmland, Arid Hills, and Canyon.

Image credit: Xbox
Image credit: Xbox
Image credit: Xbox

Xbox Wire’s Will Tuttle also shared some interesting little tidbits about Forza Horizon 5’s biomes. For example, Tuttle says every biome has its own unique audio, so the Canyon level will naturally echo more than any of the other regions.

Other areas will be more affected by seasonal changes like the coastal biomes and the Arid Hills region, which has a lake that completely dries up in the winter season, opening up shortcuts through fast passages and secret areas.

The Swamp biome, on the other hand, is packed with mangrove trees with thick, interconnected roots which only certain vehicles will be easily smash through, opening up new routes if you’ve got the right wheels.

“We knew from the beginning that we wanted this to be the biggest Forza Horizon yet. However, if we wanted to be the biggest, then we felt we also needed to offer the most diversity and contrast as well,” says creative director Mike Brown.

“Mexico is almost like the whole world in one country: snowy peaks, tropical jungles, epic canyons, beautiful beaches, ancient architecture, and modern cities.

When you add on Mexico’s incredible culture – the music, the art, the history, the people – there is no more exciting location for the Horizon Festival.”


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