How to install BleachBit on Ubuntu 20.04

BleachBit is a free and Open-Source (Free to share, learn, and modify) feature-rich utility for helping you get rid of junk files on your machine. Its an cross-platform application available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS and supports up to 65 languages around the world. BleachBit is a powerful and easy to use tool allowing you to not only delete unwanted files, but also to shred and wipe files.

This is useful for keeping your system clean and organized, as well as offering you well-deserved privacy. It helps clean your system thus freeing up disk space, reducing the time it takes to create backups, and improving overall system performance. BleachBit includes a growing list of cleaners for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, apt, VLC, Acrobat Reader, system logs and temporary files, and many others.

The BleachBit application is written in the Python programming language and Most importantly, BleachBit comes with a command-line interface for those who enjoy working from a terminal, It’s therefore scriptable and also allows you to create your own cleaners via CleanerML, and many other features.

Finally, accept in mind that BleachBit is a powerful tool with an wide collection of features. Do not use it worthlessly and only clean areas of your system you feel confident to.

Key Features of BleachBit

  • Cross-platform: Linux, macOS and Windows
  • Free and Open-Source
  • Translated to 65 languages
  • Delete your private files so completely that “even God can’t read them”.
  • Command line interface for automation and cripting
  • Frequent software updates with new features
  • Overwrite free disk space to hide previously deleted files
  • Delete broken shortcuts on Linux
  • Clean APT for Debian, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and Linux Mint
  • Maintain privacy
  • Clear the memory and swap on Linux
  • Free disk space

Installing BleachBit using deb package

We’ll download and install the BleachBit .deb package from official Website.

Step #1

Visit at BleachBit’s official website to Download the .deb installation package.

Download Package

Step #2

Now type the following command to install the downloaded package.

$ sudo dpkg -i bleachbit_4.4.2-0_all_ubuntu2004.deb

You can also use the apt command to install .deb files.

$ sudo apt install bleachbit_4.4.2-0_all_ubuntu2004.deb

If you get a dependency error while installing the .deb packages, you can run the following command to fix it.

$ sudo apt install -f

That’s it, BleachBit has been installed on your Ubuntu System, and you can start using it.

If you are not comfortable with the command line, You can install BleachBit using the package manager. Here you can search for “BleachBit” and when you find it, click on it and then press Install.

Starting BleachBit

In the Activities search bar type “BleachBit” and click on the icon to launch the application.

BleachBit User Interface:

How to Uninstall BleachBit from Ubuntu 20.04

For some reason, If you want to uninstall BleachBit application, run the following command.

$ sudo apt remove bleachbit


I hope that now you have a good understanding of How to install BleachBit on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal Fossa.

If anyone does have any questions about what we covered in this guide then feel free to ask in the comment section below and I will do my best to answer those.

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