How to Install Evernote on Ubuntu 20.04 | An excellent Note-Taking App

Even if you’ve never used it, you’ve probably heard of Evernote. It’s a note-taking app that can help you organize your digital life, and it’s been around since 2004.

Evernote is an excellent, access from anywhere note taking system, which includes apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, PC and Mac.This application is available for different Operating Systems i.e. Microsoft Windows, macOS.

The app allows users to create notes, which can be text, drawings, photographs, audio, or saved web content. Notes are stored in notebooks and can be tagged, annotated, edited, searched, given attachments, and exported.

You can use Evernote to organize your files, and take clippings and snippets from virtually anywhere on the web.

Last year Evernote has made a shift from mere note taking service to a far more robust tool for writing, collaborating and researching. The company’s added more tools for people who use Evernote in their work life to collect ideas and work on them with a team of people.

Key Features of Evernote:

  • Home: View your most relevant content, front and center. Home consists of widgets designed to display your content in a simple, organized.
  • Calendar Integration: Connect your primary Google Calendar to view upcoming events, find related notes, and create new meeting notes directly from your events to accomplish what matters most.
  • Tasks: Create and organize tasks within notes to easily keep track of your to-do lists and action items.
  • Mobile offline notes: Your notes are available anywhere, anytime, even without an internet connection. Perfect for flights, international travel and working on the go.
  • Larger notes: With a 200 MB maximum note size you can store high-resolution photos and presentations.
  • Note history: You can view past versions of notes to review changes made and, if you wish to, revert back to any of the older versions.
  • Account switching: Easily switch between one Free account and up to four Personal, Professional, or Teams accounts.
  • PDF annotation: When a picture’s worth a thousand words, you can avoid lengthy email dialogue. There’s no quicker way to call attention to contract edits or design changes.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Every application has some advantages and disadvantages. Here we have listed our observations on Evernote.


  • Effortless note-taking and syncing
  • Powerful search
  • Excellent features
  • Flexible access to your notes


  • Free level of service too restrictive
  • Expensive Premium plan

How Much Does Evernote Cost?

Evernote offers three tiers of service: Basic (free), Premium ($7.99 per month or $69.99 per year), and Business ($14.99 per person per month, with a minimum of two people).

Students are eligible for a 50 percent discount on Premium plans.

This article explains How to Install Evernote Note-Taking App on Ubuntu 20.04.

Installing Evernote as a Snap Package

A snap package is a type of universal Linux package that you can enjoy irrespective of the distro. Its an self-contained software packages that include the binary all dependencies needed to run the application.

All you need is the snap service pre-configured, In the case of Ubuntu 20.04, it comes with snap pre-installed.

If snapd package is not already installed then you can install it by running following command.

$ sudo apt install snapd

Note: Snap packages can be installed from either the command-line or via the Ubuntu Software application.

This is actually the Snap version of the Evernote application. It can be used on any Linux distribution that has Snap support.

Open your terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and execute the following command to download and install the Evernote Note-Taking package on your system.

$ sudo snap install evernote-web-client

That’s It. Now you can open the Evernote application with the help of Activities search bar.

If you are not comfortable with the command line, open Ubuntu Software, search for “Evernote” and install the application.

Starting Evernote

In the Activities search bar type “Evernote” and click on the icon to launch the application.

When you start the application for the first time, you’ll need to log in to your Evernote account.

The first run brings you to the ‘Home screen’ where you can organize your notebooks for even quicker access.

You may enjoy using Evernote Note-Taking App on Linux now.

Bottom Line:

Evernote has long been one of the most impressive note-taking apps, but its high price leaves potential new users wondering if it’s worth it.

For dedicated users, it is, but newcomers should take a close look at OneNote, too.


I hope that now you have a good understanding of How to Install Evernote on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal Fossa.

If anyone does have any questions about what we covered in this guide then feel free to ask in the comment section below and I will do my best to answer those.

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