How to install Rhythmbox Audio Player on Ubuntu 20.04

Rhythmbox is an free and open-source music playing application, tag editor and music organizer for digital audio files on Linux and Unix like operating systems. This application is powered by the well know GStreamer multimedia framework.

Rhythmbox is designed to be distributed along with the GNOME desktop environment but can function on other desktop environments.

There are tons of free music players available but Rhythmbox stands out because It is very scalable, able to handle libraries with thousands of songs with ease.

It provides a full feature set including full support for Unicode, fast but powerful tag editing, and a variety of plug-ins. Rhythmbox is the default audio player on many Linux distributions including Ubuntu and Fedora.

This application includes features from the obvious, like the ability to import music and create playlists, to the unique, like the ability to set Rhythmbox up as a digital audio server. It provides users with a graphical user interface (GUI) that is both familiar (iTunes-like) and easy to use.

It comprises a music browser, searching and sorting functionality, Internet radio support, play queue and playlists.

Key Features

  • Music importing
  • Music playback
  • Audio CD burning
  • Gapless playback
  • Rhythmbox can browse and play sounds from SoundCloud
  • Album cover display
  • Podcasting
  • Song lyrics display
  • Rhythmbox can be controlled remotely with a Web browser, via inbuilt Web remote control plugin.

This article explains two methods of installing Rhythmbox Audio Player on Ubuntu 20.04.

Choose the installation method that is most appropriate for your environment.

Method 1: Installing Rhythmbox using APT

In this method we will install the Rhythmbox via apt and the installation is very straightforward.

Step #1

Rhythmbox Audio Player is available in the universe repository of all Ubuntu releases.

Note: Though it is usually enabled by default, It won’t harm to enable universe repository first.

$ sudo add-apt-repository universe

Step #2

Then type the following command to update the package index.

$ sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Step #3

Finally execute the following command to install Rhythmbox Audio Player on Ubuntu.

$ sudo apt install rhythmbox

At this step, you have successfully installed Rhythmbox Audio Player application on Ubuntu 20.04 system.

Method 2: Installing Rhythmbox via Ubuntu Software Center

This is a graphical installation method and is recommended for beginners.

So, If you are not comfortable with the command line, open Ubuntu Software, search for “Rhythmbox” and install the application.

How to install the plugins in Rhythmbox

Installing plugins in Rhythmbox is very straightforward. Once the plugin downloaded, extract and copy the plugin directory to one of the following location according to your requirement.



System-Wide ( root access Required):


Starting Rhythmbox Audio Player

In the Activities search bar type “Rhythmbox” and click on the icon to launch the application.

How to Uninstall Rhythmbox from Ubuntu 20.04

For some reason, If you want to uninstall Rhythmbox application, type the following command.

$ sudo apt remove rhythmbox


I hope that now you have a good understanding of How to install Rhythmbox Audio Player on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal Fossa.

If anyone does have any questions about what we covered in this guide then feel free to ask in the comment section below and I will do my best to answer those.

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