How to install Shotwell on Ubuntu 20.04 – A Image Viewer for Linux

Shotwell is a feature-rich digital photo manager designed for the GNOME desktop environment. You can view and manage your photos. Although you do not get all the basic image manipulation tools baked in it, you can easily crop and enhance your photos in a single click.

Shotwell is very easy to use and doesn’t require any complicated configuration or technical skills. On the downside, it may be too simple for some users, especially in the editing area.

It allows you to import photos and videos from a digital camera directly, organize them by keywords and events, view them in full-window or fullscreen mode, and share them with others via social networking and more. Shotwell automatically groups photos and videos by date, and supports tagging.

Key Features of Shotwell

  • Import from disk or camera
  • View your photos in full-window or fullscreen mode
  • Slideshow
  • Share to major Social media platforms/Web services such as Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr and YouTube
  • Organize by time-based Events, Tags, Folders, and more
  • Crop, rotate, color adjust, straighten, and enhance photos
  • Video and RAW photo support
  • Red-eye correction tool

Installing Shotwell from Ubuntu apt repository

Shotwell is included in Ubuntu 20.04. Follow the step by step guide to install the application.

Step #1

Type the following command to update the apt sources.

$ sudo apt update

Step #2

Now execute this command to install the Shotwell package.

$ sudo apt install shotwell

With the help of && you can write both the commands in a single line. Something like this:

$ sudo apt update && sudo apt install shotwell

At this step, you have successfully installed Shotwell on Ubuntu 20.04 system.

If you are not comfortable with the command line, open Ubuntu Software, search for “Shotwell” and install the application.

Starting Shotwell

Shotwell can be launched from the command line by typing shotwell or In the Activities search bar type “Shotwell” and click on the icon.

Shotwell User Interface:

How to Uninstall Shotwell from Ubuntu 20.04

For some reason, If you want to uninstall Shotwell, type the following command.

$ sudo apt remove shotwell


I hope that now you have a good understanding of How to install Shotwell on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal Fossa.

If anyone does have any questions about what we covered in this guide then feel free to ask in the comment section below and I will do my best to answer those.

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