Microsoft will be redesigning some system apps for Windows 11

Windows 11 will adopt Microsoft’s Fluent Design language, which the company says will be a cleaner and more intuitive language that will offer consistency and smooth out the rough edges.

The goal is to make the new interface feel, “more human and approachable,” Microsoft says it will even increase your productivity and multitasking experience.

While we have already seen some aspects of this design seep in to the interface in the form of rounded edges and a centrally aligned start menu, the system apps are also getting a new coat of paint.

As reported on by WindowsLatest, Microsoft’s Calculator will be getting a new look with unifying rounded corners and transparency. Microsoft will also be adding a lot of customisation options to the app.

PowerToys are Windows utilities that allows users granular control over various aspects of the Operating System. Microsoft has confirmed that these tools will also receive a facelift and be unified under the new interface.

The goal is to make an interface that is welcoming to the user and by extension makes the operating system simpler to use. Windows 10 already took a lot of strides in this direction and now Windows 11 looks like a refinement of those ideas.


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