Microsoft issues urgent warning to all Windows 10 users – ignoring it could be costly


Image Credit: MICROSOFT has issued an urgent alert to users of its Windows 10 and 7 operating systems and here’s why ignoring it could end costing you. Microsoft is warning users of its popular Windows operating systems to be on the lookout for increasingly sophisticated scams that could end up being costly. The Redmond …

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Amazon Prime Day 2021 Sale Starts July 26: Here’s How You Can Get the Best Deals

Amazon Sale 2021

Image Credit: Amazon Prime Day 2021 sale in India kicks off on July 26. The two-day sale will be open exclusively for Amazon’s Prime subscribers. Amazon’s sale promises hundreds of great deals on mobile phones, laptops, TVs, and other electronics and accessories. Amazon has teamed up with HDFC Bank to offer a 10 percent …

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Amazon Alexa finally gets a new name and voice: How to change them up on your Amazon Echo

Image Credit: The digital assistant I’ve always called Alexa has a new name — Ziggy — and a new, characteristically masculine-sounding voice, too. You’re free to mix — and remix — those options however you want, since there are separate settings for voice and wake word (and one isn’t linked to the other). This …

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13 Best Linux distros for gaming in 2021

Best Linux distros for gaming

If you are a hardcore PC gamer, Linux might not be your first choice. That’s fair because Linux isn’t treated as a first-class citizen when it comes to gaming. You won’t find the most awaited games of the year available on Linux natively. Not to forget that all the essential software tools and drivers needed …

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