You Can Now Do Group Video Calls on Telegram With Up to 1,000 Viewers

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The latest Telegram update also brings higher resolution video messages, screen sharing with system sounds, more.

Telegram is getting a big new update that bumps the viewers for group video calls to 1000, allows one to record video messages in higher quality resolution, and more.

Telegram first added group video calls support in June this year, almost a year after first announcing the feature.

The latest update further improves the group video calling experience, with Telegram calling it Group Video Calls 2.0.

Telegram Group Video Calls Get Bigger

Group video calls in Telegram continue to have a 30 users limit on who can broadcast their video and/or share their screen. However, up to 1,000 people can now watch a group video call making Telegram ideal for hosting online lectures, classes, and watch parties.

In its announcement on the Telegram blog, Telegram promises to continue increasing this limit until “all humans on Earth can join one group call.”

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Video messages are also being improved as a part of the latest Telegram update. They are now recorded in higher resolution, and you can tap on a video message to expand and play it back in a higher resolution.

Any audio from your device will continue playing in the background when you record a video message. You can now also pinch to zoom while recording a video message from the rear camera.

The option to fast forward or rewind a video message has also been introduced. You can adjust the video and voice playback speed in Telegram as well, with the media player supporting 0.5x, 1.5x, and 2x playback speeds.

Telegram for Android gains an additional 0.2x playback speed support. Simply press and hold the 2x button in the media player to change the playback speed.

Screen Sharing Comes to 1-on-1 Telegram Calls

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Screen Sharing is now available for 1-on-1 Telegram calls. You’ll also be able to broadcast the sound from your device while on a video call. A video preview will be first displayed before you can start the screen sharing.

Other new features coming to Telegram include the ability to auto-delete messages after one month, new passcode animations, password recovery and reminders option for accounts with 2fA enabled, new message sending animations on Android, and some animated new emoji.

Telegram for iOS is getting some additional new features. The in-app camera in Telegram will show the native zoom levels offered by your iPhone, including 0.5x and 2x. You’ll also be able to press and hold the zoom button to bring up the zoom wheel for granular control.

iOS users can now select multiple recipients while forwarding a message. They will also be able to quickly select multiple chats for bulk actions in the chat list by scrolling with two fingers.

The update is already live on the App Store and Google Play Store, so grab it to enjoy the new features.


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